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Child Birth Certificate Pakistan

How Can I Get My Child Birth Certificate In Pakistan?

Obtaining Child Birth Registration Certificate (CBRC) is now easy. you can get child birth record from Pakistan by registering at Nadra.

Nadra is government office in Pakistan responsible for birth and death registrations.

You can obtain child birth certificate from Pakistan with these simple steps

  1. Submitting Hospital Record
  2. New born Hospital card
  3. Mother Identity card
  4. Father identity card
  5. Grand father identity card

Hence, you will first need to submit child birth record to obtain CBRC registration in Pakistan.

How do i get my Child Birth Certificate Online In Pakistan?

Further, if one of the parents is not in country, they can still apply for child registration online.

all you need to do is follow these basic procedure to avail CBRC from Pakistan

  • Submit B Form
  • Fill in the Nadra Application Form
  • Copy of Parents Identity Card
  • Copy Of Family Registration Certificate

you can also make a request to apply online here for child birth certificate Pakistan or Contact.

Child Birth Certificate Pakistan

What are the requirements for Child Proof Of Birth Certificate?

this proof of birth documents is necessary for registration of your child in Nadra Government Database.

you can use this document to obtain ID Card, School Admission, Passport or Visa in later stage.

Additionally, the requirements for obtaining proof of birth certificate are as follows

  1. Hospital Registration Certificate
  2. Hospital Birth Record
  3. Parents CNIC or NIC Card

You can also view below required forms and sample formats

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  2. What is the process to get unmarried birth certificate??
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