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English Marriage Certificate Pakistan

You can now get Nadra Marriage Certificate In English From Pakistan online from government of pakistan.

How to Get Nadra Marriage Certificate?

Marriage certificate from Pakistan are registered to government of Pakistan authority called Nadra.

Nadra is responsible for Marriage registration across Pakistan.

Here are the requirements to get nadra marriage certificate from pakistan

Required Documents

  1. Nikkah Nama Attested
  2. Marriage Registrar Stamp
  3. Bride Identity Card CNIC
  4. Groom Identity Card CNIC
  5. Witnesses ID Card CNIC

Apply Online

Nadra wedding certificate is registered through a online procedure.

you can also apply here to register nadra marriage certificate online or contact.

English Marriage Certificate Pakistan

Marriage Registration

registration of marriage in pakistan can be done at Nadra Office. it is registered through online system.

it is registered and a certificate of marriage is issued by nadra in computerized english format.

the details of age, address and date of marriage is mentioned to register marriage certificate.

Validity And Fees

Nadra Marriage Certificate is valid for lifetime, unless a divorce takes place between bride and groom.

Hence, Fees also varies according the age and date of marriage registered at government office. 

you can also view English marriage certificate forms and samples below

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