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Nadra Unmarried Certificate Pakistan Online

Nadra Unmarried Certificate Pakistan Online

Getting your unmarried certificate online from nadra Pakistan is now easier. Nadra is now issuing no marriage or single unmarried certificate from Pakistan online. 

Unmarried certificate is proof that the person is not married yet. In this case, a non married certificate is issued to a bachelor having a Pakistani passport or cnic card.

how can i get unmarried certificate in Pakistan? 

You can get an unmarried certificate from Pakistan by making a request to nadra authority government of pakistan. 

Here is the procedure to get  unmarried certificate from Pakistan


  • Affidavit attested by notary public

  • Power of attorney

  • National identity card for overseas pakistanis

  • Single certificate application form

  • Identity Card Or Nicop

  • Parents Cnic or Nicop

  • Parents Signature On Court Stamp Paper

You can apply here for nadra unmarried certificate pakistan or Contact.

Nadra Unmarried Certificate Pakistan Online

How to get unmarried certificate in pakistan?

Single Status certificate pakistan can be issued in computerized english and urdu format. The certificate declares that in individual pakistani citizen has no record of marriage

Mostly a single certificate  is required in many foreign countries. Foreign embassies such as united states, germany, france, australia, united kingdom, canada, uae, saudi, qatar and many other countries.

You can now apply online for getting unmarried certificate pakistan by following these steps

Apply Online

  • Single Status Certificate Format pdf

  • Unmarried certificate format in english

  • Status certificate affidavit

  • Passport copy

  • Identity card

  • Bachelor certificate application form

  • Status certificate in pakistan

Citizens of pakistan can apply for no marriage certificate of pakistan. You are not eligible to get no marriage certificate if you are already married or divorced. 

How to make unmarried certificate in pakistan?

Single status or single certificate can be obtained in Pakistan by applying online at nadra. Non marriage certificate issued from Pakistan serve as evidence in foreign embassies before applying for new marriage abroad. 

Pakistani single certificate can be obtained with minimum requirements as follows


  • Online unmarried certificate pdf download

  • unmarried certificate pdf form

  • certificate online registration

  • status certificate 

  • pakistani single certificate

  • certificate format

  • single status

  • single certificate

The non marriage certificate is a need of Pakistani citizens mostly overseas. It can be further attested by issuing authority to the ministry of foreign affairs in pakistan.

Hence, unmarried certificates can be required to be attested by mofa ministry of foreign affairs in pakistan. The mofa attestation for a single certificate in pakistan can be done in 3 working days. 

How do I get a single status certificate? 

Single or bachelorhood certificates can now be obtained from Pakistan by applying online. The procedure to get a single status certificate depends on the candidate marital status and age of applicant. 

Here is the list of documents required to get single status certificate from pakistan


  • English unmarried certificate format in pakistan

  • unmarried certificate from union counci district

  • Bachelor or unmarried certificate in pakistan pdf 

  • Register unmarried certificate online apply

  • Payment of unmarried certificate fees in pakistan

Most Pakistani citizens have to submit this certificate to foreign embassies. Therefore it is quiet necessary to get an unmarried certificate issued by the Ministry of foreign Affairs pakistan. 

It also depends on what documents are required for Pakistani cnic. If the cnic is expired or not in nicop format then you will need to reapply for the no marriage procedure. 

Additional documents that are viewed by foreign embassy for pakistan single status are 


  • unmarried certificate application format

  • unmarried certificate pakistan sample

  • union council unmarried certificate pakistan

  • single status unmarried certificate pakistan

  • Verified and issued by ministry of foreign affairs in pakistan

How to get single status certificate in pakistan?

Nadra single status are generally required for immigration, visa, new marriage or sponsorship purpose. Single status certificates are available for citizens that are applying newly.

Unmarried certificate from union council can be obtained with the status of being single or still bachelor as a Pakistani citizen. 

The status can be also checked online on nadra database and registration authority. The requirements of getting a single status certificate Pakistan are


  1. Nadra online registration Form

  2. Payment of single certificate fee

  3. Single status application form

  4. Signed affidavit by parents

  5. Passport

  6. Identity card or nicop

Bachelor certificate from Pakistan is can also be attested by ministry of foreign affairs in Pakistan.

Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Pakistan

Mofa pakistan attestation services verifies bachelor or single certificate in Pakistan. It can be done from different states or provinces in pakistan such as 

  • Ministry of foreign affairs in Karachi

  • Ministry of foreign affairs in Islamabad

  • Ministry of foreign affairs in Lahore

Verification of bachelor certificate from Pakistan can be done from any ministry of foreign affairs campus. Where as the no marriage certificate can be issued from the following cities

  • Single certificate Karachi

  • Bachelor certificate Lahore

  • No marriage certificate Islamabad

The government of Pakistan office is responsible for issuance of no marriage certificate from pakistan.

Foreign Marriage Rules

Many Pakistani living overseas need this certificate to perform marriage in other countries. 

This is mainly required by the law of countries that need this certificate as a requirement for foreign marriage. 

Marriage certificate in other countries can only be issued to a Pakistani citizens after getting bachelor certificate from Pakistan

The governments of other countries apply these rules for all foreigners visiting or staying in their countries. 


Pakistan law states that a person can get married if he or she is above 18 year old. The other rules by foreign countries has different age rules for getting married. 

Many laws associated with law by foreign rules to get married with a Pakistani citizen are increasing day by day. 

Therefore, it is becoming a major requirement for foreigners to complete their country documentation. 

Same rules apply if a person is on a visit or tour visa. Even a citizenship card holder of that country needs to abide by the associate rules of the country.

Nazia law associates or other Nazia law associates are not official to get a single bachelor certificate from pakistan. The official way to get an unmarried or single certificate from Pakistan is to apply at the union council online.

Union council is the sole authority to issue a bachelorhood certificate to any Pakistani citizen.

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