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Nadra Marriage Certificate Pakistan Online

Nadra Marriage Certificate Pakistan Online

Online Marriage certificate Pakistan is issued by nadra. The registration authority nadra is the official government office for Pakistan. Marriage certificate and late entry Marriage certificate Pakistan can be obtained after urdu marriage certificate issuance called nikkah nama.

Nadra Marriage certificate Pakistan online endorse late registration of Marriage certificate in Punjab Pakistan.

Here are the requirements to apply for nadra Marriage certificate Pakistan online


  • Computerize Marriage Application For Issuance
  • Photographs of the Husband And Wife
  • Bank Draft
  • Marriage Record Nikkah Nama
  • Local Marriage Record From Union Council Office
  • Pakistani passport
  • Bride And Groom Marriage record

In most cases of adult late Marriage registration certificates from Pakistan. These additional documents will be required


  • Marriage registration
  • Marriage Registration Form
  • Date Of Marriage Proof Nikah Nama
  • Online Application Form
  • Payment Of Nadra Marriage Document Fees
  • National Identity Card
  • Affidavit Stamp Paper By Parents
  • Parents National Identity Card

You can also apply here for a Nadra Marriage Certificate Online or Contact.

Nadra Marriage Certificate Pakistan Online

Pakistan Marriage certificate sample is in computerized format and is found to be written in English and Urdu format both. 

A late entry Marriage certificate from Pakistan can also be obtained from an online Marriage certificate Pakistan.

Nadra Pakistan Marriage certificate online issue late registration for proof of Marriage in Punjab Pakistan and other provinces of Pakistan.

Marriage certificate Pakistan online is subject to issuance of Marriage certificate from different cities in Pakistan.

Pakistan Marriage credentials online has a process of obtaining a Marriage registration certificate Lahore or Marriage document from Karachi.

Whereas, Marriage document Islamabad can be obtained from the capital development authority. 

Marriage documents online Pakistani fees depend on the age of applicant. Whereas Marriage registration certificate Pakistan can take up to 3 to 4 working days for issuance. 

The Marriage certificate fee in Pakistan is based on a normal and urgent basis. The fees for proof of Marriage evidence in Pakistan 2021 2022 depends on the city and age of the applicant. 

Marriage certificate Pakistan is the first certificate that is issued to a newly wedded couple in Pakistan. Nadra Marriage certificate is official record in pakistan for declaring the couple as husband and wife.

The union council Marriage document fee in Karachi is partially higher as they obtain Marriage certification on an urgent basis. 

Date of Marriage document Pakistan fee vary according to applying date of application by the Pakistani citizen

The union council Marriage record certificate form Punjab Pakistan is available on an online website. If you have lost an original evidence of Marriage then you can also apply for a duplicate new Marriage registration certificate from Pakistan.

Lost proof of Marriage Pakistan can be easily obtained by Marriage certificate Pakistan embassy. It will be issued upon special request and long b form. 

Computerized Marriage document Pakistan is issued on nadra letterhead. Nadra database registers Marriage registration Pakistan as soon as application is received.

Marriage registration Punjab Pakistan can be obtained on hand to hand basis. You will need to get Marriage registration Pakistan embassy as well. 

A Marriage document from Pakistan is a proof of evidence for a Pakistani Marriage record. Pakistan Proof Of Marriage requirements vary according to the place of Marriage of the citizen.

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