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Online Birth Certificate From Union Council

Online Birth Certificate From Union Council

Obtaining your Union council birth certificate online from Pakistan. Getting your local union council birth certificate system is available online in Pakistan.

You can also get union council birth certificate online Karachi and can also view union council birth certificate online check

Here is the list of requirements to obtain your birth certificate from union council in Pakistan


  • Submit school certificate
  • Proof of birth hospital record
  • Parents identity card
  • Birth form application
  • Birth document request form
  • Stamp paper affidavit

If you are to apply online for union council birth certificate then you can follow the below listed procedure


  • Submit date of birth record
  • Birth certificate from union council
  • Deaths certificate in case parents are deceased
  • Newborn Vital Record
  • Certificate from union council
  • Check or money order
  • Marriage certificates of parents

You can apply here for an online birth certificate from the union council or Contact.

Online Birth Certificate From Union Council

Apply Online

  • Birth request forms
  • birth registration process
  • birth certificate
  • union council office
  • date of birth form
  • record requests
  • birth record request

please contact for link to get the cda childbirth registration form or click on this link.

The union council birth certificate form is required for issuance of your documents from the government office in Pakistan. 

Union council birth certificate fees and union council birth certificate late fees 2021 fee payment can also be made online. 

Union council birth certificate online Punjab process is much easier. Online union council birth certificate fee 2021 Punjab Pakistan are subject to date of birth application submission. 


the union council birth certificate form kpk (Khyberpakhtun Khwan) is also comes under the district authority of union councils in Pakistan.

Union council birth certificate fee 2022 is yet to be decided by the secretary of union council districts. Whereas, union council birth certificate form punjab is also available on union council office.

Union council birth certificate form download is also available online for submission. Whereas, the union council birth certificate karachi can be obtained online by filling application form. 

Union council birth certificate fee 2022 also includes union council birth certificate verification from pakistan.

Nadra union council birth certificate is eligible to Pakistan national identity card holders. 

The community council or local council in Pakistan are based in several districts in Pakistan. 

It is easier now to reach and get your birth document from the local council in Pakistan.

However, it is advised to go in person to get your proof of birth paperwork.

Local councils are mostly located in major cities in Pakistan, here is the list for the major cities in Pakistan

District Local Councils

  • Karachi
  • Lahore
  • Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi

Whereas the provincial local councils comes under the nadra authority, which are as follow

Provisional District Councils

  • Sindh District Council
  • Punjab District Council
  • KPK District Council
  • Baluchistan District  Council
  • Azad Kashmir District Council

The provisional councils comes under the government that rules the provinces, here is a list of government rulers according to provinces

Government Of Pakistan

  • Federal Government
  • Government Of Sindh
  • Government of Punjab
  • Government Of KPK Khyber Pakhtun Khwan
  • Government Of Baluchistan

You can also get a replacement certificate from your local council. In case you have to make a correction, change or lose your date of birth document. 

You can always make a request for a new one. Lost birth documents can be re issued by the local council of union in Pakistan. The request is also available at the online website of the local council. 

You will need to file the first police report in Pakistan, in order to obtain new or duplicate birth paperwork. 

Union local councils are located in different areas and cities in Pakistan. Approximately more than 100 councils are operating in different states of Pakistan. 

Local council address, contact numbers and location are listed in the government of Pakistan official website.

Your area council also defines how to obtain other legal documents in Pakistan.

Here is a list of additional certificates that can be obtained from your area counselor in Pakistan.


  • Death Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Unmarried Certificate
  • No Marriage Certificate
  • Bachelor Certificate
  • Singh Status Certificate
  • Non Availability Of Birth Certificate

Your area council is administered under the ministry of internal affairs. It is mainly controlled by nadra authority in Pakistan. 

All the records are stored in the database through CRMS number. The CRMS number determines the record of family background and connection history. 

Whereas all the council complies by the rules of nadra registration authority for issuing of any legal document. 

Area councils in Pakistan are open on working days for public day to day task. You will need to visit your area council for more information and customer support. 

Area council also plays an important role for political elections in Pakistan. All the vote cast are also controlled and administered by your area council.

You can get your legal document from your area council in Pakistan. You will need to first apply for a request online. 

After which you will be given a date to collect your applied legal document. The legal documentation of individual Pakistani citizens are basis of being a Pakistani national. 

You can also get your legal document printed from your area council in English and Urdu format. 

The sample of certificate issuance from your area council can also be viewed online. The computerized format includes applicant names, address, parents details and place of birth.

Your area council are also responsible for looking after your local district problems. It can act under the provisional government law to maintain the area water supply, road maps or construction.

It ensures that all local people in society are abiding by the law or rules of living in these areas.


Hence, your local council are also open to individual problems faced in your area. Area counselor or incharge handles all local area problems associated by law of Pakistan.

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