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How can i get my birth certificate online in Pakistan?

Pakistan Citizens can now get birth certificate online in pakistan. Birth Certificate in Pakistan can be obtained with these simple steps

  1. Submit Online Application
  2. CNIC or Smart Card
  3. Parents ID Card
  4. Passport

Get Birth Certificate Online In Pakistan

Birth certificate is identical to hospital birth record. it can be obtained by applying online in pakistan as per below listed procedure

  1. Fill In The Birth Certificate Request Form
  2. Submit Online Birth Request Application
  3. Copy Of Passport
  4. Copy of Identity Card
  5. Hospital Birth Record

Further, the birth certificate is also registered to NADRA database and authority. hence, it is also called birth registration certificate.

How Can I Get Birth Certificate Online In Pakistan?

You can apply here for birth certificate online in pakistan or contact.

Moreover, newborn child birth certificate can also be obtained right after issuance of hospital record.

Hence, requirements for getting birth certificate from Pakistan are straight. you will just need to submit the documents as mention above.

Later, submit application and receive nadra birth certificate in just 2 to 3 days.

Here is the latest updates for getting nadra birth certificate on-line in Pakistan

Pakistan citizens can now avail birth certificate online from Pakistan from across the seas. they will just need to show their identity card and passport copy. Additionally, more documents can be required if necessary. these documents can be in the form of affidavit or guardianship letter.

in case of orphanage, birth details would be required by the orphanage centers in Pakistan. Moreover, if you are living in another country. you will need to show your international citizenship card and passport.

Also, the birth certificate can be corrected in case of name error or typing mistake. the computerized format of birth certificate is translated in english and urdu both formats.

Here you can find birth certificate online form and applications format. 

Birth Certificate Pakistan SampleBirth Certificate Pakistan FormBirth Certificate Pakistan Nadra FormBirth Certificate Pakistan Nadra ApplicationNadra Birth Certificate Application FormBirth Certificate Pakistan PdfBirth Certificate Pakistan Format.

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