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How To Get Birth Certificate From Nadra Pakistan?


Getting Your Birth Certificate From Nadra Pakistan in Computerized Format.

Nadra Birth Certificate Tracking For Online Application Format Sample Procedure, Guidelines and Document Requirements.

how to get birth certificate from Pakistan or where to get birth certificate in Pakistan 

Birth Certificate Pakistan is identification document and a proof of evidence of being a Pakistani nationality. this document in parallel to nadra birth certificate tracking system, is issued on behalf of Pakistan birth registration authority from Pakistan.

the format and sample of computerized birth certificate differs city wise across pakistan. the main questions that clicks to us is where to get birth certificate in pakistan?. this is a basic need for all citizens of pakistan specially overseas. the method to get child or adult birth certificate nadra is combined by a number of listed process or you can simply request for one here Birth Certificate Pakistan Nadra.

Types Of Nadra Issued Birth Certificate In Pakistan :

  1. New Born Birth Certificate
  2. Child Birth Registration Certificate
  3. Nadra Birth Certificate For Adults
  4. Late Entry Birth Certificate Pakistan
  5. No Entry Certificate Of Birth 
  6. Non Availability Of Birth Certificate
  7. Computerized Nadra Birth Certificate
  8. Get Lost Or Duplicate Birth Certificate
  9. Birth Certificate From Union Council
  10. Municipal Corporation Birth Certificate
In many forms, the pakistan online birth certificate tracking has improved. it has ensured the procedure is uniform for all citizens of pakistan in single portal. citizens of pakistan nationality can now apply or avail this certificate by simply providing these requirements of documents: 

  • Cnic / Nicop / POC/ NIC
  • Hospital Date Of Birth Certificate
  • Father National ID Card
  • Mother National ID Card
  • Affidavit For Act Of Birth Certificate
  • Old Municipal Corporation Certificate
  • Passport
tip of advise, if any of these document requirements do not meet for issuance of birth certificate then alternate solution is always available.you can tap on the link given above to obtain birth certificate easily. 

Birth Certificate Pakistan Nadra

Most cities services in pakistan offering different types of government official documents services and attestation of birth registration certificate. the charges or cost involved in law governing bodies is entitle to issue these registration certificates as per year age factor. 

If you are missing or lost any required document for birth certificate issuance. do not be alarmed, affidavit can work out in this case and additional legal document may be asked with all documents placed in order. it is just like cross online verification process with in nadra system. pakistani birth certificate nadra has evolved since 1947. digital birth registration certificate is introduced over computerized English and Urdu format.

Moreover, translation services is often needed for birth certificate in overseas countries. you can get these translation services in pakistan for immigration, visa, traveling or sponsorship purpose including your family.

So, why does Pakistan embassy need to verify your nadra birth certificate or who will check birth certificate online pakistan. this is the main reason, you can apply for birth certificate in pakistan with vital documents. prompt services are applied in this area of expertise where entries are made in computerized format. Pakistan embassy will verify it further but before it proceeds, ministry of foreign affairs MOFA Pakistan attestation is needed to fulfill online application status. 

the list of immigration countries where pakistani birth certificate online is applied and acquired by the embassy are : 

  • United States (USA)
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • Saudi Arabia (Saudi)
  • China
  • Qatar
  • Kuwait
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • Bahrain
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Switzerland
  • New Zealand
  • Ireland 
  • Other Regions and states 

These conditions apply normally if you are applying for citizenship, family sponsorship visa or work job contracts. birth certificate has a vital role in other legal government identifications renewals. it is subject to renew of passport, id cards, cnic, nic, nicop or driving license in some countries. 

Who needs to apply for birth certificate nadra and when to apply for it?

Every pakistani citizens needs to apply for birth certificate from pakistan. in digital world, all documents are pre checked, countered and approvals are hence given for traveling or residing abroad. this important step is to ensure that all pakistani nationals living or travel globally are required to complete documentation as per country needs. 

Where to get nadra birth certificate from pakistan nadra? is the right question. you can get the birth certificate from different nadra branches location. these location and address can varry according to city or provisional government states such as sindh, punjab, balochistan and khyber pakhtunkhwan (kpk). 

One can easily get birth certificate from karachi, lahore, islamabad capital, rawalpindi, quetta, peshawar, gujranwala, gujrat, faisalabad, kasur, abbottabad, gilgit, azad kashmir and other locations from pakistan. nadra branches are keen to serve with the consent of local respective of union council. the council how ever approves the authorization of birth , death or marriage certificate registrations. 

In significant way all Pakistani estimated are seeking to get birth certificate with other important documents. in this day of time the duration or how many days does this birth certificate remains legal. it is legitimate but not one time entry in nadra registry. you may have to seek a new / duplicate / lost birth certificate with submission of the original ones to the embassy. the apostile or legalization of these documents will be needed in more or likely 1 or 2 years of the registration. it depends on the constitutional country law acts for Pakistani immigration process for the year 2021 2022. 

Now who can apply for birth certificate in pakistan ? any one can fill the need of birth certificate when ever it is required. mostly a fresh certificate issued with either correction, name change, change in date of birth or error in spelling. this doesnt mean that it cannot be corrected. all errors or re correction can be made in the birth certificate as per new act of birth certificate law of pakistan. additional documents or affidavits can be required in such cases.

Nadra Birth Certificate BranchesFees Per Year
Birth Certificate From KarachiRs.1500/-
Birth Certificate From LahoreRs.2000/-
Birth Certificate From IslamabadRs.2200/-
Birth Certificate From PeshawarRs.2400/-
Birth Certificate From RawalpindiRs.2600/-
Birth Certificate From QuettaRs.2850/-

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